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WELCOME! This year marks a milestone in the storied history of the NEFF company, as we proudly introduce two extremely significant things…

A unified NEFF Brand.

That brings together all of the unique entities that make up the NEFF group. Joined around a bright, new logo, we will now operate as a completely unified team, sharing resources, values, and an unwavering dedication to providing our customers with the highest level of service available in the automation industry. We will simply be known as NEFF. And we will continue to be the name to turn to for expert solutions.

Strengthening our commitment to our customers.

As always, our singular focus is on our customers. And as we forge ahead under our unified NEFF brand, we are intensifying our commitment to further adapting NEFF to meet the needs of our customers. Providing more innovative solutions. Better technology. Faster, more responsive service. And NEFF experts ready to deliver the expertise you need to enhance your automation processes and make your job easier.


Enter the NEFF Brand Contest Today!

 As we launch our new unified brand (centered around the handsome orange box in our logo) you have the chance to win some fun stuff. We are hiding ONE SINGLE ITEM inside this box… and it could be anything!

Each week, we will award 11 prizes – one for the Most Creative guess, and ten randomly drawn winners who will win something with the new NEFF logo plastered on it.


Make your guess:

Our smart new logo.

Ask the box.


If you’ve been thinking – “Gee, that box looks very smart,” you are very wise. The NEFF Box contains the answers to most, if not all, of life’s deepest, most important questions. Because you are important to NEFF, you have been granted full and free access to this incredible gift.

Confused about why good things happen to bad people? Want to know the most requested song at Neff family reunions? Need a recipe for lentil soup? Wonder if your ex is going to drop that restraining order? Want to know the real meaning of life?

Go ahead.

Ask it anything.

It’s like the Dalai Lama. Only plywood.

(Please allow 48-72 hours for a response. It’s a busy box.)